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Should You Buy a Home Right Now?

Trying to buy a home right now? Or thinking about it? I found some of the most successful agents in the world to tell you what you need to know.

I interviewed agents at the 2022 eXp shareholder summit home of some of the most successful real estate agents in the world. I asked them what would they tell buyers right now…. here’s what they said…

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“Honestly, hold on if you can and I mean that sincerely. I say that because interest rates are going to go up and thats going to make it more challenging to be able afford the home you’re looking for. If you’re buying long term, buy a home, call it a day and enjoy it. Appreciate all the benefits from the tax savings to the write offs. If you’re renting your rent is going to go up but the interest rates a little scary and we’ve got very limited inventory in a lot of the country right now.” – George Philbeck

“My first advice would be to get pre-approved you need to know how much of your budget your going to be working with before you start looking at a house. Right now, people are worried about buying because of the market and interest rates. You can afford any house that’s available based on what your pre-approved for.” – Melissa Johnson

“Be patient and to get a professional. It’s so important to get someone that is an experienced agent to help you navigate through these different markets and when the markets shift and change.. Theres still thing you’re going to need an experienced agent to be able to tell you. To slight little tricks to help win in situations and not be discouraged. It’s a great time to buy whether its a bad market or a good market. I’ve bought in both markets. Ive bought in extremely high markets and over paid but time is your friend even when you overpay for things. In time, especially with real estate, those values do increases and you do come out ahead. Don’t listen to everybody everyone wants to give you advice in this market. So tune out some of the people you can absorb it all but just be careful. Everyone wants give advice on things and sometimes its not always true.” – Chuck Zepp

“Its time to buy right now. The longer you wait the more you’re going to pay in rent to your landlords. You potentially will pay more in interest rate. Yes, interest rate is high right now. But there is no guarantee that it might be higher next year. And by change if ends up being lower next year, you can refinance.” – Ismail Kolya

“For anybody who’s trying to buy a home. First of all still do it, The best it me to buy a home is today, not yesterday. We dont know where the rates are going. If they plummet down to the ground you can refinance. If you are in the buying process and your searching, do your home work yourself. Some people will say “your budget’s too low, you’ll never get what you want” Its not too low . There are decent homes in every single budget. You just have to do the search and do the leg work. You have to take charge of your search. The homes are there and you can beat out other buyers. You just have to be prepared” – Cindy De La rosa


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