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Rent To Own – Buyer

Build Wealth And Live in Your Dream Home

Ideal clients are young professionals, those relocating for work and families who
don’t have enough for a down payment or need credit repair.

Good fit if:

  • Not qualified for a mortgage
  • Have not saved up for a down payment
  • Each monthly payment includes a savings contribution
  • Only need 6-months income and can be as little as $3,750/month
  • FICO Score 550 or higher


Upfront cash contribution of 1% to 2% of the value of the home. Rent is set at fair
market value and monthly rental payments include approximately 0.2% savings
towards a down payment on the home. In as little as 3 years you will have built
up about 10% savings.


Deposit two months rent which counts towards down payment, if home is
purchased. Home purchase price is agreed at inception and increases every year
at a set growth rate. If future home value is less than the contractual value, you
don’t have to purchase. Monthly rental payments treated like normal leasing
agreement. Deposit returned if don’t purchase.


  • Application
  • Approval Amount
  • Choose Dream Home
  • Home is Purchased
  • Move In and Save
  • Buy Home or Walk Away With Savings