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Property Management

The primary advantages of retaining a property management company include:

  • Higher quality tenants
  • Lower turnover of tenants
  • Fewer legal problems
  • Reduced stress for property owners 
  • Manage financial operations


Our Property Management will:

  • Determine a Competitive Rental Rate
  • We inspect the properties and evaluate similar properties close by to determine a competitive rental rate. This will attract quality renters, while providing a profit for the owner. After the initial evaluation of a property, we may make suggestions about repairs or upgrades, or allowing pets that would increase the value. 
  • Market the Property
  • We will ensure the property is clean and attractive, so that photos posted in advertisements will catch the attention of quality tenants. We use the latest technology to advertise on multiple platforms.
  • Screen Tenants
  • We screen all tenants. This includes:
  • Verification of the applicant’s identity
  • Performing a background check
  • Performing a credit check
  • Verifying the applicant’s rental history
  • Preparing for Tenant Move In
  • When a tenant is approved, we draw up a lease agreement, and review the contract, as well as the rules with the tenant. We then ensure the agreement is property executed and collect first month’s rent and deposit.
  • Collecting Rent
  • We collect rent from each tenant on a regular basis. Our team keeps careful records of rents received, providing receipts to tenants, and tracks down late payments.
  • Evicting Tenants
  • This entails notifying the tenant of the eviction process as required by law, filing the appropriate documents with the court, and providing the necessary documentation and testimony at court to obtain an order of eviction. When evicting tenants, we always coordinate with law enforcement officers when ordered to remove the tenant from the rental property.
  • Managing Finances
  • Managing the finances of a rental property is an important property management service. These responsibilities include making mortgage or other payments on the property, maintaining careful records, documenting maintenance and repair expenses, and providing annual reports to the property owners.
  • Maintaining the Property
  • Our team maintains all properties under our care. This involves ensuring preventive maintenance is done, and having repairs made as necessary. In many cases, maintaining the property also requires landscape care and maintenance, and even snow removal. We generally hire landscape professionals, handymen, and contractors to perform these tasks.
  • Overseeing Tenant Move Out
  • When a tenant moves out, the property must be inspected, a closing statement prepared, and a copy given to the tenant with a refund of all or part of the security deposit, if appropriate. The property must then be cleaned, and repairs made, before it can be put back on the market.