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Long Videos Vs Short Videos on YouTube

Long videos Vs Short videos, which is better for YouTube?

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Here’s what people are doing right now and why you see much more longer content compared to shorter content.

Right now the algorithm is pushing long videos in an attempt to compete with Netflix and other streaming platforms. So due to this, a lot of creators are making 10+ minute long videos. But when you’re just starting out, people may not have the trust or loyalty to your content yet to stick through 10 minutes unless you’re really good at keeping them engaged.

So, when you start out or you’re wanting a new strategy, try smaller videos to build trust and loyalty because those people can actually get through so you don’t get hurt by people clicking off.

“People are waiting for a reason to click off, so don’t give them one by making long videos that draw out the point.”

So when do you make long videos? Let me tell you.

– When you’re telling a full story that requires more time.

– You are explaining a complicated subject that cannot be cut short

– You are showing a compilation of high quality clips all together that add up to 10 min.

Ex a day in the life that has lots of excitement and energy so that it never gets dull when you put them all together

– You are showing a something that requires the audiences to see the whole thing. Like a home tour.

You can’t cut out the master bedroom in order to keep the video short. The viewers need to see the master bedroom for a home tour.


I hope this helps answer the question of if you should put out long videos vs short videos on youtube

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