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Fix Your Thumbnails to Skyrocket Your Views

Real Estate Agents. Fix Your Thumbnails to Skyrocket Your Views.

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I see so many Thumbnails that are

  1. Hard to read
  2. Not interesting
  3. Don’t pop out

There are small changes you can make that will transform your thumbnails. Enticing viewers to click your video even with competition surrounding it.

Watch the video or read the blog below.


First why are thumbnails important?

Most impressions on your YouTube videos are from YouTube recommending your content, not the search.

Which means you have to have a great thumbnail to convince the viewer to watch your video.

Here is what we are starting with, a thumbnail I made to replicate what real estate agents are doing now that could be better. Let’s fix it

1. High visibility. Check out this chart here. Utilize this to make sure your text is legible. Pro Tip: Adding a stroke or an outer glow may be helpful with certain backgrounds.

2. Add some Color to make it stick out






4. Make it simple, too much text or icons will just result in the potential viewer scroll by. Make what you have stand out.






5. If there is a subject (aka you) blur the background, it makes it look sharper and simpler producing a more professional image






6. Appel to the viewer, make big expressions, use interesting icons/objects. Look at popular channels and see their thumbnails. Try and replicate it and add your own spin to it.






So with these steps you can go from






To this


It makes a world of difference

And all of this can be done with free tools like Canva!



Now you know how to Fix Your Thumbnails to Skyrocket Your Views. Share your thumbnails with us!


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