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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Work From Home Office

5 Ways to Upgrade your Work From Home Office

Explore ways to upgrade your home office space to promote creativity, reduce stress and increase productivity.

1. Make a Designated Work From Home Space

It can be easy to relax on the couch and work or sit at the dining room table but having a designated space for work helps promote a work life balance. If you work in the spaces you enjoy when you are off work, you may find yourself losing relaxation due to working in the same spaces you relax in.



2. Add some decor related to your hobbies

Add more to your decor than just photos of family. It can be easy to forget about hobbies when we are zoned into work. Add things that represent you and you enjoy. Fan of movies? Put up your favorite movie’s poster. Fan of music? Display your favorite band’s album art. Fan of books? Add a shelf of your favorite and current reads!…etc. Adding these small things help make you feel more you when you’re working.



3. Natural Light

Setting your desk near a window can help reduce stress, keep you awake, and improve your mood. When working inside for 8+ hours, being able to check back into nature benefits us greatly. It’s an easy way to upgrade your work from home office.



4. Raise your Monitor or Laptop

Ideally, your eyes should be in line with the top of the screen. To avoid craning your neck and tweaking your back either get a few books or buy a stand on a site like amazon to upgrade your desk, and your posture.



5. Add a candle

Find a sent you love and put it at your desk. Not only will it make the space more comfortable, it will be more inviting. To welcome us every morning so that every morning, we do great work.



We hope these helped you upgrade your home office! With so many work from home jobs take some extra time to invest in your space.