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Christopher Pittman

Christopher Pittman
Sales Director

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where my family enjoyed relaxing by the beach, walking the hills and many other outdoor activities. I graduated from the famous Hollywood High School where I ran track and field and that carried over to Santa Monica City College. I am fluent in English and Spanish allowing me to help both communities. I have been involved in missionary work for Mexico for over two years and have spent the last 13 years learning everything there is to know about the sales industry – from prospecting in the market place to closing major deals. This experience has allowed me to grow from working in car sales, being a door-to-door salesman and working for Grant Cardone University where I sold programs, onboarded clients and served as a training consultant for 200+ companies. As a Business and Sales Trainer, I help your business grow by training companies how to:

● Prospect new horizons
● Sell products/services
● Scale the business
● Hold Accountable and achieve revenue targets/goals